Gianluca Barbaro Trio (aka the Rob "Cabal" Guarani Project)

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    Gianluca Barbaro - Ewi, Keys, Recorders, Electronics
    Massimiliano Chiara - Bass, Electronics
    Andrea Centonze - Drums

    In a non-standard variable formation, where the lead instrument switches from Recorder to EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), from keyboards to acoustic piano plus guest voices, double bass and drums, the Rob "Cabal" Guarani Project offers a contemporary Jazz repertory, including originals and revised "standards", in a very personal style. By mixing more structured and melodic moments with moments of total improvisation (where the form leaves room for a free artistic expression), the 4et breaks out of the classical Jazz schemes and creates suggestive sound landscapes, thanks to a strong interplay between the musicians and the experimental usage of digital live sound processing.